Jobman Workwear is designed by the people that wear the garments every day to work.


Whilst Jobman designers benefit from huge experience, there is no better way to ensure that your products meet customers' demands than to listen to what they want and make sure that the garments deliver the goods.


Some of our features have been seen on Jobman garments for 40 years, such as the pencil pocket that is designed to take different sized pencils as they are sharpened and get shorter!

Some are brand new, such as the ID Pass holders and ever-changing phone pocket sizes.


The most important features are those that deliver superb practical performance but still manage to so so without compromising comfort and easy of movement. That's why you'll find that Jobman trousers feature pockets with gussets that mean that even when filled, don't 'pull' uncomfortably against the back of the leg.

Ruler pockets that are made with a bottom edge that is free, so that when you kneel down, you don't get stabbed in the calf by the ruler or screwdriver you've put in the pocket.

Of course there are so many features on Jobman garments that they are almost too numerous to name here, but the main ones to consider are;


Holster pockets

Front swing pockets - ideal for carrying tools and fixings, from nails and screws to wrenches and pliers. Pockets are designed to swing comfortably away from the body when kneeling. They are double lined with the same super-hardwearing fabric that we use on our kneepad pockets.

There is additional pen/tool storage on the outside of these pockets.


Mobile Phone pockets

One at the hip and one in the leg pocket on most trousers. The one on the hip has a Velcro® fastened flap to keep your phone safe and is kept in place with a Velcro® strip so that the phone pocket can pull free if caught, to further protect your phone and your trousers.

The second phone pocket is to be found in the large cargo pocket which is on the left leg of most of Jobman's trousers and overalls.


Cargo pockets

As well as the phone pocket, carefully placed to optimise the security and safety of your phone, you'll find ample storage capacity, secured with snap press-studs. An ID pass holder is also provided on most Jobman trousers.



An immensly important consideration, and for some, the main reason for buying this type of garment. Make sure you look after your knees. With Jobman Workwear - you can! [click here] to find out more about your knees.


Kneepad pockets

This is an area that sets Jobman apart from most manufacturers. For a start, Jobman pads load from the bottom. They can't fall out, as they are retained in a flap like a pillow-case. The reason we do this is for several reasons; firstly, dirt falls down - so it makes it sensible to seal the top. There is no velcro closure to get 'gummed up' and not seal properly, leaving gaps for debris to get behind your pads - OUCH! Secondly, it means that we can hide the top seam to minimise abrasion and ensure that the pockets are less like to fail by the seam being abraded.

The pockets are also generally made from TWO layers of our outstandingly abrasion resistant material. This is not to provide two layers to wear-through - no it's much cleverer than that.

By having these two layers, made from very slippery material on the inside face, the layers work like an anti-blister sports sock, with the movement that normally grinds holes into the pockets taken away as the layers slide against each other, leaving the outer face still. And most importantly with fewer holes!


Other features include;

Ruler pocket with knife holder.

D-ring attachment for keys, as small feature, but you'll not find cheap split-rings on our trouser, this is a solid polypropylene accessory that will not break in five minutes.

Adjustable hammer loop - massively reinforce with high frequency stitching (called bar tacks) which gives incredible strength. Keep your tools within easy reach and replace your tool belt.