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Welcome to Jobman Workwear - Durability at work since 1975!

Workwear made for and by professionals.

Jobman develops and manufactures workwear with contemporary design of extremely high quality and performance for professionals of all trades.


Our mission is to provide our wearers with clothes that meet all their expectations of funcionality, performance and protection while offering excellent value for money and being supremely comfortable and practical to wear.


Our vision is to make all our customers satisfied and proud to choose Jobman Workwear to wear every day.

There are no short-cuts to expertise. Jobman is all about feedback and collaboration with the professionals who wear our clothes. This is the way we innovate, creating new materials and better and better workwear for you.


Proud, confident and professional workwear from Sweden - the home of functional garments.


Jobman Workwear has a long pedigree of constructing work garments that dates back over 40 years.


Our products are geared towards professional tradespeople. We have in mind modern men and women who take pride in their work; who get up every morning, put on their workwear and cheerfully tackle whatever tasks the day brings with skill, ability and professional pride.