Superb fabrics create great garments...
To make truly great garments, you have to start with outstanding fabrics.
Our fabric technologists are constantly working on the next best thing that will keep our garments at the very pinnacle of comfort and practicality - creating superb fabrics we use to develop great garments. 


What are our clothes made of?

Textiles are produced from many different materials, some natural and others man-made. All have different uses and purposes when manufacturing workwear.
Natural fibres, such as cotton and wool as well as synthetics including polyester, polyamides, Nylon and acrylic allhave their own unique properties and characteristics. Cotton for example has excellent moisture absoring properties and it can be very soft and comfortable to wear. Polyester creates an easy-care fabric and is resistant to fading and shrinkage. By blending fibres, you can often get the best of both woven into the same fabric and thereby get a new functional material.
Today's technologies allow use new methods to blend fibres and develop fabrics that are light-weight, incredibly abrasion and tear resistant, dirt-repellent, provide stretch and many other characteristics that put Jobman at the forefront and allow us to create #GameChangingWorkwear that will recalibrate your expectations of workwear.


Jobman still use 100% cotton in some of our garments, because it is the best material for some jobs, absorbent and naturally resistant to sparks (although not flame-resistant). Jobman cotton weaves are designed to optimise the fabric for applications, for example in our painters trousers to wick away solvents, leaving pigments on top.

The fabric is naturally durable and extremely comfortable, getting more comfortable with each successive wash.


Polyester Cotton

Jobman's renowned 'Quality 23' fabric has been the envy of the workwear industry for decades. Tough, long-lasting and comfortable, the fabric actually gets better and better the more you wear it. An easy to care for and versatile material made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton which can tolerate industrial laundering without shrinkage.

This fabric has a comfortable feel and is lightweight with great breathability and robust resistance to wear. The fabric retains its colour well, which makes it a very practical choice for imagewear. It provides an excellent substrate for both embroidery and heat transfer logoing.

FASTDRY Polyamide

FASTDRY is another Jobman fabric which we use to create the lightest weight trousers whilst still maintaining incredible performance. At only 200gsm the abrasion and tear resistance from this polyamide fabric are equal to our long-established and renowned 'Quality 23' Polyester Cotton.

4-Way Stretch

Jobman 4-Way Stretch is created by synthetic fibers with exceptional elasticity. It provides extreme comfort, fit and flexibility and the opportunity for a tighter fit, without restricting movement. The wear resistance is high and since the material is elastic it returns to its original shape and size when it is no longer stretched.

STAR Poly-Amide

STAR is Jobman’s own development, an extremely abrasion and tear resistant fabric for very challenging environments. Only recently technically achievable, the 100% polyamide, ‘dobby’ weave is equally resistant to tear in all directions. The back of the fabric is ‘peached’ for a soft and comfortable feel on the inside. STAR Polyamide workwear can be worn all year around in all kinds of weather, water just runs off & it dries fast. Probably the most comfortable workwear fabric you'll have worn.


FA™ is Jobman’s own development to reinforce workwear. It has great strength and resistance against sharp objects like nails and tools, a perfect material to protect you in the workshop and out on the building site.

We use a special FA™ fabric to reinforce abrasion-risk areas such as nail pockets.


Kevlar® is a para-aramid fibre with extremely high tear and abrasion resistance. It is use on Jobman trousers where extreme abrasion resistance is required.


Cordura® is a polyamide fabric with high strength and excellent abrasion resistance. Often used to reinforce and protect knees and other exposed parts.

We use a special Cordura® fabric made to our own specification with extremely high levels of performance.