Built to last - engineered to impress...
We can design the best looking clothes, full of features that really work, but it's also essential that we balance this by producing garments that deliver excellent value for money.
Jobman have always engaged with end-users to help us design the garments we develop. This means that the clothes are made with understanding - we know where the stress points are, where the abrasive wear will occur and the places that garments can fail. We use this information to build-in reinforcements, specify particular materials and utilise the best components available.
Jobman Workwear has become famous for delivering exceptional value for money. We want you to #GetComfy in your Jobman Workwear, but above all we want you to be happy to have invested in #GameChangingWorkwear.


Constructed with confidence (& strong yarns!)

All seams are stitched using core-spun polyester, high breaking strain thread for greater strength. "Fell seams" are used on the common stress areas of the outside leg seam and crutch seams. The fell seam is commonly used in jeans, and consists of four layers of material with robust double or even triple stitching and is far stronger than conventional over-locked seams.
We have been know to demonstrate the strength of our trousers with Tug o' War competitions at our exhibitions, we've got proof as well!
Metal jeans buttons are used giving superior durability and comfort than the standard hook and clasp found in most workwear. The button turns on its axle preventing stress fractures and broken buttons.
Jobman Workwear use YKK zips because the have a life-time warranty - nothing else is good enough for our wearers. Most of the zips we use are metal, although some of our weather resistant garments use suitably water-resistant nylon zips. We use cam-lock risers to prevent 'streaming', this stops the zips coming undone when the trousers are worn.
And we mean wherever, not just where it is seen. Most of our re-inforcement is 'under-the-bonnet', invisible extra stitching, clever placement of seams to prevent early failure of pockets, making the garments with adequate material 'fill' to prevent stress when being used for work.
The long and short of it is that there are ways of making garments that perform and last like Jobman Workwear, but most of these techniques are not visible or obvious.
Of course, some are. The reinforcements that we use on our nail pockets consist of a full 'bucket' lining where there is no seam at the bottom for tools and fixing to easily abrade.
Hundreds of bar-tacks are dotted around the garments and reinforce the stress points to prevent splits and tears. Bar tacks are short (7mm) high-frequency stitched reinforcements.
We don't give all our secrets away, but most of them are not really secret - it's just experience of making great garments well for over forty years, with a desire to delight customers.
There is nothing better than hearing from customers who have become new wearers of Jobman garments who tell us in their own words how and why they love their #GameChangingWorkwear and to hear their ideas about how we can use their experience to improve the garments even more.
If you've got any ideas about how we could improve our clothes, please get in touch. We are always delighted to speak to people who wear our garments about making them even better. After all, we know how to make great clothes, but you know what you need them to do.
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